NSPS & EG Regulatory Summary (1/24/2017) –

SWANA’s Landfill Gas & Biogas Rules & Regulations and Advocacy Technical Division Committees, in conjunction with the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA), have developed an NSPS & EG Regulatory Summary to be made available to members. In conjunction with this document, a conference call is scheduled for Tuesday, February 7 at 2 PM ET 

Administration Issues Freeze on Regulations, Grants & Contracts (1/24/2017) –

Action has been taken by the new Administration to freeze all new and pending regulations until such time as the President’s appointees or designees have the opportunity to review them.  

Executive Departments and Agencies have been instructed to send no new regulations for publication in the Federal Register, and to withdraw any that have been submitted but not yet published. Those that have been published, but not yet become effective are postponed for 60 days. This excludes any regulations that are subject to statutory or judicial deadlines.

Additionally, a freeze has been put on grants and contracts managed by the U.S. EPA, though the length and breadth of that suspension has not been clarified. This includes whether it affects only new grants and contracts, or also those federal contracts the EPA already has in place.

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